The Stevil Dead on Movies – September 15th, 2016

It was an okay weekend for director Clint Eastwood and his star Tom Hanks as they knocked off Don’t Breathe as the number one movie, pulling in $35 million dollars. Another new release, When The Bough Breaks pulled into second with a far off $14.2 and Don’t Breathe settled in third with $8.3. Suicide Squad held in the top five at number four with $5.7 and the animated film The Wild Life opened in fifth with $3.3.

Five films open this weekend, three of them in wide release and looking fo that coveted number one but is any of them worthy?:

Bridget Jones’s Baby – Twelve years after the last installment, Edge of Reason, a crowd favorite leading lady is back, the first new film from Renee Zellweger in six years. All of the far off sequels this year have not been good, aside from Finding Dory, but the advance word is that this film is actually one that works for its audience, other than being a tad long. I’ve enjoyed the other films up until this point, truth be told.

Blair Witch – Made in our beautiful British Columbian forest, director Adam Wingard  made a film that was teased with the title “The Woods”. Then, at San Diego Comic Con, it was revealed that this was a Blair Witch follow-up, one directly modeled after the first movie. I’m totally excited for this one and many fans that got caught up in the original phenomenon will definitely feel the draw to this one. The original film is where the staying power of the Paranormal Activity franchise came from, never forget that.

Snowden – No, this isn’t about Wikileaks, as many people have confusedly asked, this is about former NSA and CIA contractor Edward Snowden, who saw the dastardly abuses of power of the government and decided to blow the whistle on them. Unfortunately, Oliver Stones treatment of this story pulls all the reality of the film and becomes a boring and meandering showcase of paranoia. I was very disappointed with this one.


The Beatles Eight Days A Week: The Touring Years – For any Beatles fan or even any music lover, this documentary is a must see. Compiling old interviews with the Fab Four and with new interviews with the surviving members, we get a chronicling of the touring times of the greatest band ever. Ron Howard does an incredible job putting this film together and also restored much of the concert footage we see in the film including the Shea Stadium show and even the Vancouver show that got completely out of control. The film plays one night only at the Park Theatre.

Pays (Boundaries) – This little French Canadian really doesn’t have a lot of push behind it but stars Emily VanCamp from the television series Revenge a couple of years back and the most recent Captain America film. The movie is about a woman trying to balance her crumbling family life at the same time as entering a crunch time as a political mediator. This film is so low-level right now that you can’t even find a trailer for it.
At the Twilight Drive-In: This week’s double-header is one I call “The Creepy Millennial Double Feature”
7:45 PM Blair Witch
9:25 PM Nerve

At The Rio Theatre: This Friday at the Rio Theatre we get a little taste of Halloween a month early as one of the greatest B grade zombie horror films hits the screen at 11:55pm. Yes, the cult classic The Return Of The Living Dead is your Friday night feature, a movie that just begs to be seen on the big screen!

Blu-Ray: the next piece of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Captain America: Civil War, the true story horror sequel, The Conjuring 2, the Lonely Island movie, Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping, Bruce Willis in the direct to video, Marauders and Ewan McGregor playing Jesus in Last Days In The Desert (only on DVD).

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