The Stevil Dead on Movies – March 10th, 2016

Deadpool was finally unseated from it’s throne at number one as Zootopia had a big haul this weekend with a big $75.1 million. Other new release London Has Fallen opened in second with $21.6 and Deadpool slid into third with $16.7. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot underperformed a bit, coming in fourth with $7.4 and Gods of Egypt rounds out the top five with $5.2 million.

Only four movies coming out this week, two wide, two limited. None look to unseat Zootopia but I’ve been surprised before:

10 Cloverfield Lane – Eight years after the found footage monster movie Cloverfield, producer J.J. Abrams brings this “blood relative” sequel about three people holed up in a bomb shelter. Not much is known about this film other than it has Mary Elizabeth Winstead and John Goodman in it. The advanced word on it is that it is very scary. I’m so ready for this one.

The Brothers Grimsby – Sasha Baron Cohen returns to character comedy with this movie about estranged brothers reconnecting. Mark Strong plays Cohen’s secret agent brother while the Borat actor is essentially a chav, channeling Liam Gallagher apparently. Sony outright refused to screen this film for us so I assume it’s terrible.


The Little Prince – Based around a massively famous French children’s book, this is a gorgeous blend of two styles of animation to tell a whimsical story about the differences between children and adults, existentialism and the power of the imagination. I loved this film but it may be a bit inaccessible for kids.

River – A Canadian made film starring Rossif Sutherland about an American doctor working in Laos who finds himself on the run after an altercation results in an accidental death. A pretty well told and snappy thriller.

At the Twilight Drive In: This week’s double header is a hold over from last weekend, one I called “Someone’s Touching Themselves Tonight”

7:30 PM Deadpool


9:25 PM The Revenant


At The Rio Theatre: Everybody get up it’s time to slam now, we got a real jam goin’ down, welcome to the Space Jam, here’s your chance do your dance at the Space Jam! Is your Looney Tunes button pushed yet? When was the last time you saw Bugs Bunny and Michael Jordan team up on the big screen? Well, the Rio Theatre has your chance starting at 11:55 pm. Get your jam on!

Blu-Ray: the fantastic big screen adaptation The Peanuts Movie, the inspiration story for Moby Dick, In The Heart Of The Sea, the brutally awful Victor Frankenstein, Michael Fassbender doing Shakespeare in Macbeth, acclaimed Canadian director Guy Maddin’s new film The Forbidden Room and the one shot, one take film Victoria.

The Stevil Dead on Movies - The Little Prince
The Stevil Dead on Movies - Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

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