The Stevil Dead on Movies – June 23rd, 2016

Pixar landed a big catch this past weekend as Finding Dory did the best opening for an animated film this year, raking in a first place $135.1 million. The Rock and Kevin Hart were far behind that in second place with $35.5 and last week’s number one, The Conjuring 2, slid down into third with $14.9. Now You See Me 2 and Warcraft rounded out the top five with $9.4 and $7.2 each. All bets are off with the big release this week, as it will be a battle at the top between the little blue fish and an alien invasion.

Seven films hit theatres this week, with four of them going wide:

Independence Day: Resurgence – Twenty years after Roland Emmerich blew up many landmarks, including the White House, he brings Jeff Goldblum back for more, as the aliens return for revenge in the new Independence Day. No Will Smith this time and no advance screenings for press in North America, which signify doom for this movie as it is probably crap the studio is trying to protect. I see what you’re doing, Fox.

The Shallows – Director Jaume Collet Serra and Blake Lively are looking to make you second guess your summer vacation destination with this thriller about a surfer being terrorized by a shark.Serra is usually a Liam Neeson action director but this looks really great as the trailers are very effective in freaking audiences out.

Free State Of Jones – Remember when Matthew McConaughey was doing all those press interviews with a really haggard beard? Well, it was for this movie, a civil war epic about a farmer who leads a rebel army against the Confederates. The advance buzz has been really bad on this one, so don’t expect it to be alright, alright, alright.

The Neon Demon – This is my favorite movie so far this year but I really don’t expect anyone else to like it. Coming from filmmaker Nicolas Winding Refn, the mind behind the Ryan Gosling film Drive, the film is a biting commentary on fashion in L.A., the cutthroat model mentality and the “beauty is currency” reality of the industry and city. People that hated Only God Forgives need not see this one either.


The Fits – A short psychological drama from a first time writer director and a first time lead star, this film is absolutely astounding and really burning up the indie festival circuit. The film follows an eleven year old girl who trains with her older brother to be a professional boxer. Her real dream is to be a dancer in the local troupe but everything goes sideways when the dancers start to suffer from what seems to be epileptic fits.

Gurukulam –  This film will really only sit well with people expressly interested in the subject matter. The movie follows a group of students who travel to a secluded ashram in southern India. There, they hope to pose fundamental questions about the nature of reality and self-identity to Swami Dayananda. I tried three times to get into this one and failed every time.

The Wailing (Starts Saturday) – This is the new film from Korean director Hong-jin Na, who made an incredible movie in 2008 called The Chaser. In this one he mashes up the thriller genre with a film that dares to be classified about a mysterious sickness that takes over a small village in the middle of a crisis. The reviews on this one are fantastic.

At the Twilight Drive In: Last week’s triple header is being shown again this week, one I call “Oh Disney! Ok, stop Disney. Fine, We’re Cool, Disney.”
9:45 PM Finding Dory
finding dory
11:45 PM Alice Through The Looking Glass
1:45 AM The Jungle Book

At The Rio Theatre: With a reboot or sequel on the horizon, it’s a perfect time to get acclimated with a film that swept over emotional teenage girls like wildfire, The Craft. Fairuza Balk, Robin Tunney, Neve Campbell and Rachel True as a now iconic witch coven hits the screen for the midnight showing at the Rio, kicking off at 11:55pm!

Blu-Ray: the fizzling dud of a sequel, My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2, one of the very best films this year, Midnight Special, Sacha Baron Cohen’s ill received comedy The Brothers Grimsby, Terrence Malick’s hate letter to Hollywood in Knight Of Cups, the Norwegian disaster thriller The Wave and the Academy Award nominated Embrace Of The Serpent.

The Stevil Dead on Movies - The Neon Demon
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