The Stevil Dead on Movies – January 5th, 2017

Star Wars is still very much in charge at the box office as Rogue One stands tall at number one with $49.5 million. Sing isn’t far behind that, in second with $42.8 and Passengers is way behind that for a $16.2 third place. Rounding out the top five was Moana hanging in at fourth with $11 and the Christmas release of Why Him? taking $10.6. With the first week of January upon us, don’t expect anything to give Rogue One a challenge for awhile.

Five releases hit theaters this weekend, with one of those in limited release:

Underworld: Blood Wars – They’re still making these movies? Yes, apparently so and with Kate Beckinsale returning to the franchise in the last movie, Awakening, you would think that Sony would have a little faith in this one. This isn’t the case as they wouldn’t give us press a look at the film. I predict failure.

A Monster Calls – One of my honorable mentions of 2016, this film is a beautiful and emotional film about a boy dealing with the impending loss of his dying mother. He is helped through the process by and ancient tree that comes to life every night to deliver life changing stories. Do not miss this one on the big screen!

Hidden Figures – Bound to be nominated for a couple acting awards, this is the true story of three black women, highly knowledgeable in their field, hired by NASA to get the first shuttle into space in a battle against the Russians. The film is so well put together and entertaining, I highly recommend it.

Silence – Talk about a passion project! Martin Scorsese battled for close to thirty years to adapt this Japanese novel about two Jesuit priest’s journey to Japan to spread the knowledge of their religion and rescue their mentor. I have a feeling that if I saw this is 2016, it’d probably be in my top ten of the year.


Julieta – Acclaimed Spanish director Pedro Almodovar returns with a very character-centric drama about a woman coming to grips with the estrangement of her daughter by recounting the events that got her there. The film may be a little frustrating as it has a tone of an almost Hitchcockian film with ever actually being one. Still, a gorgeous film to behold.

At The Rio Theatre: It’s an absolute killer night of sci-fi followed by some great gory horror fun at the Rio with the night kicking off at 6 pm with my number two pick of 2016, Arrival. After that Blade Runner: The Final Cut, coincidentally the film that Arrival director Denis Villeneuve will be making a sequel for, hits the screen at 8:45 pm. Closing out the night is the Norweigan horror comedy Dead Snow, which sees snowboarders taking on Nazi zombies, at 11:30 pm. That’s a blast of an evening!

Blu-Ray: A Rachel Weisz true-life courtroom drama with great performances in Denial, the horrible revival of the Blair Witch and the family comedy, Middle School: The Worst Years Of My Life.

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