The Stevil Dead on Movies – January 28th, 2016

The blizzard known as Jonas rocked the East Coast this past weekend and had a pretty profound effect on the box office but gave us a new number one. The Revenant stole the top spot, taking in an even $16 million with Star Wars: The Force Awakens moving back up to second with $14.1. Ride ALong 2 dropped from first to third with $12.5 and new releases Dirty Grandpa and The Boy took fourth and fifth with $11.1 and $10.8 each. The 5th Wave debuted in sixth with only $10.3 and the expansion of Michael Bay’s 13 Hours only took just over $9 million.

Three wide releases open this weekend as well as an Oscar nominated limited release:

Kung Fu Panda 3 – Jack Black is back as Po the Dragon Warrior in this third installment of this Dreamworks animated series. This time around Po meets his father for the first time, voiced by Bryan Cranston, and returns to the panda village to find himself as he prepares for his most dangerous adversary yet, Kai, an immortal warrior (J.K. Simmons). I really liked this one and it may be the best Kung Fu Panda yet.

The Finest Hours – Chris Pine leads this true story about a crew of the Boston Coast Guard who made daring rescue attempt off the coast of Cape Cod after a pair of oil tankers are destroyed during a blizzard in 1952. Also starring Casey Affleck, this has the ability to be good or brutally awful. We’ll see, it’s still January after all.

Fifty Shades of Black – After making two A Haunted House films, which I’m sure no one saw, it’s clear that Marlon Wayans has taken over from his big brother Keenan Ivory as the spoof movie maker. I don’t have any good faith in this Fifty Shades of Grey spoof that also lampoons the Magic Mike movies among others. This just looks horrible to a massive degree.


45 Years – Charlotte Rampling earned herself an Academy Award nomination in this well told drama about a couple preparing to celebrate a milestone in their marriage. Everything is thrown into question when a deep, dark secret is revealed and the wife is unsure how to cope with this new information. Beautifully filmed and well acted, this is a movie that will definitely sit well with an older audience.

At The Rio Theatre: What a fantastic evening this is, especially just a week after that double bill of True Romance and Natural Born Killers. This Friday the Rio screens the Grindhouse double bill of Robert Rodriguez’s Planet Terror and Quentin Tarantino’s Death Proof. I love Planet Terror and grew to love Death Proof just as much. You won’t want to miss this if you haven’t seen it on the big screen!

Blu-Ray: Jack Black plays R.L. Stine in Goosebumps, Bradley Cooper plays a douchebag chef in Burnt, the Canadian war film Hyena Road, the critically acclaimed The Assassin and even more DeNiro crap in Heist.

The Stevil Dead on Movies - Kung Fu Panda 3
The Stevil Dead on Movies - The 5th Wave

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