The Stevil Dead on Movies – February 2nd, 2017

2017 seems to be the best year in a while for M. Night Shyamalan, as his new film Split continues to defy the haters, taking its second weekend at number one with another $25.7 million, leaving the highest grossing of the new movies, A Dog’s Purpose, in the dust with $18.2. Hidden Figures continues to hold strong in third with $14, the final Resident Evil film, The Last Chapter, debuted in fourth with $13.6 and the word of mouth and Academy Award buzz of La La Land keeps it in fifth with $12.2 million.

We get a total of six movies hitting theaters here in Vancouver, with two of those wide across the city:

The Space Between Us – Asa Butterfield has now entered the awkward phase of transitioning from child star to teen and this film doesn’t help. The story is about an expedition to Mars that doesn’t go as wanted due to the captain discovering she’s pregnant. Giving birth on Mars, the child lives the first sixteen years of his life there before traveling to Earth, something he has never seen before. It could have been really interesting if it wasn’t all masking a dull tween romance. Skip this one.

Rings – More than a decade after the horrible sequel, The Ring Two, Paramount goes the reboot route with their creepy little well dweller, Samara. No Naomi Watts this time but hopefully we can get back to what made the original. a remake of a Japanese film, so much horror fun. I think this one might be a lame duck though.


Journey To The West: The Demons Strike Back – Writer and usual director and star Stephen Chow takes a back seat in this follow up to his 2013 mystical kung fu action film. If you haven’t seen the first film, it is on Netflix right now and it is highly recommended. Chow is responsible for great films like Shaolin Soccer and Kung Fu Hustle but he also made the top-grossing Chinese film of all time right now, The Mermaid.

The Comedian – After last year’s Dirty Grandpa, I was pretty sure that Robert DeNiro’s career was in a backslid but this new film has a bit of promise to it. He plays an insult comedian, this time around, that starts courting a new girlfriend unfamiliar with the world he inhabits. The film does have a great director, Taylor Hackford, but hasn’t been getting the best word of mouth.

The Salesman – The new film from the Iranian filmmaker behind A Separation is back with, possibly, the frontrunner in the Best Foreign category. I heard great things about this one at the film festival and am very excited to check it out. Unfortunately, if this film wins the director won’t be able to get into the country to accept his award. Thanks, Drumpf.

Sleepless – What is this? A Jamie Foxx action thriller that is getting a small limited release? Times have changed but the reviews are bad for this cop drama about a renegade whose family is taken by a ruthless warlord. Even looking at the trailers I can tell this is an ultra-violent set up for cinema disaster.

At The Rio Theatre: Oooooh, this one makes me excited, because, just one week before the release of Chapter 2, the heart-pounding action of John Wick hits the screen at 11:55 pm. Yes, I know that they kill a puppy in this film. People need to get over that….

Blu-Ray: The “why did they make this” sequel starring Tom Cruise, Jack Reacher: Never Go Back, a surprise hit in my opinion, Queen Of Katwe, Tyler Perry heading back to the well of money in Boo! A Madea Halloween and one of the worst comedies I saw in 2016, Masterminds.

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