The Stevil Dead on Movies – February 16th, 2017

After a nail-biting weekend, my faith is a bit restored in humanity as Fifty Shades Darker did not top the box office in it’ opening weekend, coming in second with $46.6 million. with the top spot belonging to The LEGO Batman Movie, which took $53. John Wick: Chapter 2 shot its way into third with $30.4 with M. Night Shyamalan’s Split hanging around in fourth with $9.5 and Hidden Figures holding onto the fifth spot with $8. There probably won’t be a massive shift in the numbers this weekend but I may be wrong.

Just four films hitting theaters this weekend, three of them in wide release:

The Great Wall – As a cry of whitewashing screams through social media from this film, I’m looking forward to this Matt Damon epic that has him fighting dragons on the Great Wall of China. The film is directed by acclaimed filmmaker Zhang Yimou, who has done beautiful martial arts films like Hero and deep dramas like Raise The Red Lantern. I really want to think this will be entertaining but the advance reviews aren’t good.

Fist Fight – Ice Cube and Charlie Day star in this comedy about two teachers on a collision course after day’s character puts his counterpart’s job in jeopardy. Directed by the guy behind many episodes of Charlie’s series It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, this may be the glimmer of hope in a comedy that looks pretty bland and formulaic.

A Cure For Wellness – Gore Verbinski, the man behind The Ring, Rango and the first Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy, returns with something very dark and sinister, also using elements of his canceled Bioshock film. Dane DeHaan plays a businessman sent to a remote Swiss wellness retreat that has a sinister secret. The film works really well before kind of falling off a cliff in the third act.


A Man Called Ove – Sweden’s selection for the Academy Awards, which is now nominated, this is a very interesting character based film about a man deep in the grieving process of his wife and is obsessed with enforcing neighborhood rules and by-laws. A well-constructed film that packs on the emotional feelings at the end.

At The Twilight Drive-In: Yes, it reopens this Friday! This batch of movies I call “Paramount Wants YOu To Remember These!”:

7:30 PM – XXX: Return Of Xander Cage


9:30 PM Rings


At The Rio Theatre: A fantastic biopic that doesn’t get brought up enough, Sid and Nancy is a love story that is punctuated with drug abuse, egos, violence and a paranoid murder. Gary Oldman and Chloe Webb play the lead roles in this great film from blacklisted director Alex Cox. If you haven’t seen this, you should check it out of the Rio’s big screen at 11:45 pm.

Blu-Ray: The eight-time Oscar nominated, Arrival, the funniest coming of age film in years, The Edge Of Seventeen, Ang Lee’s latest film that flopped, Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk, Miles Teller stars as boxer Vinny Pazienza in Bleed For This and Rebecca Hall gives an award-worthy performance as the tragic Christine Chubbock in Christine (Only on DVD).

The Stevil Dead on Movies - The Great Wall
The Stevil Dead on Movies - The LEGO Batman Movie

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