The Stevil Dead on Movies – August 4th, 2016

It looks like a few people were looking forward to the return of Matt Damon to his most iconic role as Jason Bourne took in $59.2 for a first place, though not enough scratch for Universal to consider it a hit. Star Trek Beyond slid down to second with $24.8, a more than 50% decrease , and Bad Moms opened in third with $23.8, an okay opening that recoups its budget. Rounding out the top five was two kids films, The Secret Life of Pets in fourth with $18.9 and Ice Age: Collision Course in fifth with $11 million. The other new release, Nerve, bombed in eighth with only $9.4 in its weekend total.

Seven movies open this weekend, which includes two in wide release looking to take down Bourne. Only one has a shot:

Suicide Squad – Looking to undo the damage to their cinematic universe caused by Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Atrociousness, Suicide Squad boasts a big cast as a group of bad guys tasked with saving the world. With Jared Leto as The Joker and Will Smith leading the squad, it seems to have enough star and firepower to be a hit, but will it? I’m on the fence as all of this is on the already shaky ground of being connected to Zack Snyder.

Nine Lives – Is VVS Films the place where producers, filmmakers and actors go to make bad decisions? The studio already put out Robert DeNiro’s misguided attempt at comedy in Dirty Grandpa and now plumbs the depths more with this one. Why am I being so hard on this? Because Oscar and Golden Globe winner Kevin Spacey plays a ruthless company CEO that gets turned into a cat in this film that should have neve been thought of, let alone made. So many questions but the biggest one is why?


Indignation – Director Ang Lee’s long-time writer James Schamus makes his directorial debut with this 1950s coming of age story about a young Jewish man who moves away to college to escape his overbearing father. There he falls for a mysterious girl who is a little more worldly than he is sexually putting him in a bit of a personal crisis. Great performance from the lead, Logan Lerman and Canadian actress Sarah Gadon is always a treat to watch on screen.

Angry Indian Goddesses – A completely unconventional film out of India, this film has an all lady focus, dealing with a group of women, at their wits end with the men affecting their life. They all go on a retreat to celebrate their friend’s upcoming wedding and begin to vent over where their lives are at. Think Steel Magnolias with a dark and pretty sinister twist.

Our Little Sister – Coming from acclaimed director Hirokazu Koreeda, this is a traditional Japanese story dealing with three sisters living with their grandmother. Things are shaken up when their thirteen-year-old half-sister moves in with them. The reviews for this one are great but it will only really appeal to a niche audience.

Life, Animated – Sure to astound audiences, this documentary is one that will either make you cry or reveal you as a robot. This film shows the development of a boy with autism who learns to thrive and communicate through the Disney films in the mid-nineties, including The Lion King and The Little Mermaid. This is a crowd pleaser for sure.

Lo And Behold, Reveries of the Connected World – Master filmmaker and documentarian Werner Herzog brings his oddly alien style of thinking to the world of the internet. Anyone that knows Herzog’s name will immediately be interested but those who don’t and love good documentaries needs to look this man up.

At the Twilight Drive-In: This week’s triple header is one I call “Warner Brothers Wants Your Money!”

9:00 PM Suicide Squad

11:20 PM The Legend Of Tarzan

the legend of tarzan

1:30 AM Central Intelligence

central intelligence

At The Rio Theatre: This Friday the Rio Theatre, they’re keeping disco alive with the John Travolta classic, Saturday Night Fever. Get out your leisure suits, afro picks and stand under the mirrorball because the Bee Gees have your soundtrack for the night, starting at 11:55pm. I’m glad their not following with the sequel, Stayin’ Alive.

Blu-Ray: the hilarious Key and Peele feature, Keanu, the atrocious but, sadly, final film from director Garry Marshall, Mother’s Day, one of my favorites this year, High-Rise, the disappointing animated film Batman: The Killing Joke, the hilarious movie,  The Bronze with Big Bang Theory’s Bernadette, a Nicolas Cage crime comedy, The Trust and the critically acclaimed Jesse Eisenberg film Louder Than Bombs (Only on DVD).

The Stevil Dead On Movies - Indignation
The Stevil Dead on Movies - Jason Bourne

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