The Stevil Dead on Movies – April 28th, 2016

As expected, The Jungle Book reigned for another weekend at the top of the box office with a very nice $61.5 million while The Huntsman: Winter’s War struggled to make it’s $19.4 second place debut. Barbershop: The Next Cut hung around in third with $10.5 and Zootopia and The Boss rounded out the top five with $6.6 and $6.2. A Hologram For The King fizzled with an eleventh place opening and Batman v. Superman fell to sixth place. With nothing big to give it any trouble, The Jungle Book should have an easy time repeating at number one until the big boys at Marvel arrive.

Six new releases this week, three in wide release:

Keanu – Jordan Peele and Keegan-Michael Key retired their massively popular comedy sketch show and now look to the big screen for their new feature film. A fish out of water story, the film is about two very un gangster guys trying to track down their kitten in the ghetto. This movie looks hilarious and I’m really banking on it being on of the funnier movies this year.

Mother’s Day – Pretty Woman director Garry Marshall continues his pledge to movie-fy every significant calendar date of the year with this ensemble comedy featuring Jennifer Aniston, Kate Hudson and Julia Roberts. I don’t expect anything out of this except for a fluffy film with all sentimentality but no substance. I also expect Marshall to announce his next film, Arbor Day, anytime.

Ratchet & Clank – The best-selling PlayStation video game gets the big screen treatment, the very first PlayStation feature film. Released to coincide with the new PS4 reimagining of the original, this movie will only satisfy the kids and fanboys of the series. Otherwise, it’s pretty bland and uninspired.


Green Room – One of my favorite films at VIFF, this movie is a violent gut punch that will make the weaker stomachs in the audience churn with each bloody moment. Following a band that witnesses a murder at a neo-nazi club, this movie has a great cast and blistering intensity. A must see.

Sing Street – Once director John Carney returns with a love song to the 80s new wave genre. The film is a coming of age tale about a British boy forming a band to impress a girl at school. This movie has excellent word of mouth and may just be a sleeper hit audiences will really fall for.

Viva – Coming from a British director, this is an intricate character piece about drag queens in a Cuban nightclub as one young man tries to emerge from the backstage to realize a life in the spotlight. Beautifully shot and emotionally charged, this is an interesting foreign film to check out.

At the Twilight Drive-In: This week’s triple header is one I call “The Last One Is What Drive-Ins Are All About”

8:40 PM The Huntsman: Winter’s War

the huntsman winters war

10:50 PM The Boss

the boss

12:30 PM Krampus


At The Rio Theatre: An insanely dark film about a couple of nihilistic teens killing off the popular girls in high school and making suicide chic, Heathers was a movie way ahead of its time. The awesome people at the Rio Theatre are featuring it as the midnight screening on Friday so go see that Winona Rider/Christian Slater classic film when it hits the screen at 11:55pm.

Blu-Ray: the buddy cop sequel Ride Along 2, the Christmas monster horror film, Krampus, Richard Gere in The Benefactor and the Academy and Golden Globe winning Son of Saul.

The Stevil Dead on Movies - Green Room
The Stevil Dead on Movies - The Huntsman: Winter's War

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