The Stevil Dead on Movies – April 20th, 2017

Things went pretty much as expected with The Fate Of The Furious claiming the top spot at the box office, not quite clearing a hundred million with $98.8 and The Boss Baby far behind that in second with $16. Beauty And The Beast holds onto the third spot with $13.7 and Smurfs: The Lost Village and Going In Style cling to fourth and fifth with $6.7 and $6.4 respectively. I can’t say the box office will look that much different this coming weekend with a pretty low release week.

Eight films open this weekend with three in wide release:

Unforgettable – The incredibly disliked Katherine Heigl returns to the big screen in this corny looking thriller about a woman that decides to terrorize her ex-husband’s new wife. Rosario Dawson co-stars in this film that just looks unoriginal and uninspired, like something that belongs on the Lifetime network, not in the multiplex

The Promise – This film stars Christian Bale and Oscar Isaac and takes place during the final days of the Ottoman Empire. The two men battle for the affections of a woman, Bale’s character, a freelance American journalist and Isaac’s character, a medical student stuck in the middle of a time of strife in his country. With the caliber of actors in this movie, you would think the reviews would be better but they’re pretty dismal.

Free Fire – In a sort of seventies style shoot out Tarantino-esque movie, this is a gruff character filled action film about a gun arsenal buy gone wrong. When one man starts opening fire, it becomes a free for all of gunfire until there is one last man or woman standing. Director and writer Ben Wheatley kicks so much ass with this killer movie that is satisfying on all fronts.


Born In China – Disney brings their latest documentary in the Disneynature line, capturing the lives of local animals in China’s ecosystem. Narrated by John Krasinski, the film looks at a panda and her newborn cub, a young golden monkey and a snow leopard providing for her little family. These films are usually filmed in such a captivating and gorgeous manner, I expect no different from this one.

Phoenix Forgotten – What are the Phoenix Lights? This horror mystery looks to dive in headlong to a story about three teens who disappeared twenty years prior by chronicling the lead up to their vanishing with unseen found footage. I want to say this one could be good but the studio denied us any coverage for it.

The Lost City Of Z – Master filmmaker James Gray writes and films this incredible story of one man’s perseverance to find a lost civilization within the jungles of the Amazon, spending years away from his family in the process. Charlie Hunnam and Robert Pattinson both give fantastic performances in what I think is one of the best films of the year.

Colossal – Anne Hathaway plays a woman with a unique drinking problem in one of the most original films I’ve seen in a long time. Drinking each evening to excess, her character finds that every morning at 8:05 when walking through the local park, a giant monster appears in Seoul, Korea, destroying buildings and making odd gestures that mimic her own. This is one to check out for people looking for films on the fringe of genres.

Frantz – A film that has been delayed a few weeks, this is a black and white story that takes place in Germany in between World War I and II. Following a German woman grieving for her fallen fiance, her life is shaken up when a Frenchman appears at his grave claiming to know the man she was to marry. The mystery of their relationship unfolds, putting both the man and woman in very stressful situations. A beautiful film from acclaimed writer and director Francios Ozon.

At The Twilight Drive-In: This batch of movies I call “A Little Dumb At The Start But It Gets Better”:

8:15 PM The Fate Of The Furious


10:50 PM Ghost In The Shell

ghost in the shell

12:45 PM Get Out


At The Rio Theatre: This Friday, Turkish documentary Kedi, about the stray cat population of Istanbul, gets another evening showing at 6 PM. Mongrel is finally getting to release Francois Ozon’s Frantz, playing at 8:15 PM and then celebrate Prince on the year anniversary of his passing as Purple Rain hits the screen at 11 PM.

Blu-Ray: M. Night Shyamalan continues his surprising comeback with his latest, Split and the true story of Ray Croc and McDonald’s in The Founder.

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