The Stevil Dead on Movies – April 14th, 2016

The showdown between Batman and Superman was dethroned in only it’s third weekend by Melissa McCarthy, although just barely. The Boss took the top spot at the box office narrowly edging Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice out as the films took $23.6 and $23.4 respectively. have to point out that it’s another over 50% drop for the Warner Brothers box office hopeful. That’s terrible. Zootopia is still holding onto the third spot, earning $14.3 and My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 still holds the fourth spot with $6.5. Hardcore Henry debuted in fifth with $5.1, just over half of it’s budget.

Six films open this weekend, three of them in limited release and the first one will definitely be the box office champ when all’s said and done on Sunday night:

The Jungle Book – Director Jon Favreau continues Disney’s push of all their animated properties going live action with the age old Rudyard Kipling tale of Mowgli, raised in the wild and friends to a panther and a bear. The trailers haven’t been all that impressive to me but the advanced word is pretty good on it and Disney is already plotting to role out a sequel. Who knows, maybe I’m wrong.

Barbershop: The Next Cut – Ice Cube returns to a franchise that I’m not sure anyone cares about, not even the target market, as the last three films were nowhere near success stories. The biggest draw for a lot of people will be to see Nicki Minaj in a main role and, no, her butt wasn’t CGI like I thought. Seriously though, it was my biggest question in the movie.

Criminal – Kevin Costner stars in this action film about a death row inmate who is implanted with the highly sought mission and skills of a dead CIA agent played by Ryan Reynolds. The body swap scenario seems a little familiar for Reynolds fans after last years decent thriller Self/Less. This film also co stars Wonder Woman herself, Gal Gadot.


Miles Ahead – Another musician gets a bio pic as Don Cheadle writes, directs and stars in this film about legendary bad ass Miles Davis. Unfortunately the word around the film is that Cheadle is great but the rest of the film is pretty forgettable. Can we finally get one of these films right, for the love of music?

Sleeping Giant – A Canadian film that’s doing very well on the festival circuit, this movie follows three kids who try to kill time and boredom while on vacation at Lake Superior. Dark themes of peer pressure, deadly wages and teenage deception ensue in a film that should definitely turn some heads.

No Men Beyond This Point – My pal Patrick Gilmore stars in this mockumentary that reimagines the world as a place where men’s usefulness has run it’s course and the female body has evolved to make their creation nonexistent. Patrick plays the youngest man on Earth and a caretaker to a prominent family. I love this film besides the obviousness of my friend starring in it.

At the Twilight Drive In: This week’s triple header is one I call “The OREO Special (Frosting Is The Best Part)”

8:15 PM The Divergent Series: Allegiant


10:25 PM 10 Cloverfield Lane


12:15 PM Gods Of Egypt


At The Rio Theatre: A baffling film that I think people really forget about, Pootie Tang is a Chris Rock starring comedy that was written and directed by Louis C.K. of all people. People should probably go support this one because I hear Louie lost a big chunk of money on his experimental web series Horace and Pete. The show starts at 11:55pm!

Blu-Ray: the horribly lackluster The Forest is the only thing of note this week.

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