The Stevil Dead On Movies – April 13th, 2017

I wasn’t expecting any real shake up at the box office so I’m not surprised that The Boss Baby took another weekend at number one, earning $26.4 million, with Beauty And The Beast trailing behind it with $23.7. Smurfs: The Lost Village debuted with only $13.2 million, very low for a kids film and Going In Style earned just $11.9 in its first week of release. Ghost In The Shell continues to lose studio money with a low second weekend of $7.3. Apparently, the film is on pace to losing Paramount $60 million dollars.

Six films open this weekend with two in wide release:

The Fate Of The Furious – If you thought this juggernaut of a franchise would end because of the death of star Paul Walker then you haven’t realized that money talks and Furious 7 was a billion dollar movie. This installment sees Vin Diesel turn against his family and align himself with Charlize Theron’s villain character and, surely, Testosterone fueled madness ensues. I really can’t lie, I’m excited for this one.

Gifted – Director Marc Webb returns after making two dismal Amazing Spider-Man movies with a drama that plays more to his strengths. Chris Evans plays a man who is parenting his niece after his sister passes away finds himself in a custody battle with his own mother when it is discovered that the young girl is a math genius. This is a sweetheart of a film and will give audiences a dose of the feels.

Their Finest – This fantastic British film stars Gemma Arterton as a woman hired to help create a propaganda film to instill hope in the United Kingdom during the harshest of the German blitzkrieg attacks. Also starring Sam Claflin and Bill Nighy, this is from An Education filmmaker Lone Scherfig and is such a satisfying watch. Highly recommended.

Maudie – A movie that I checked out and loved at VIFF, this is the true story of Maritime painter Maud Lewis, who persevered beyond her crippling arthritis. Starring Sally Hawkins and Ethan Hawke in the lead roles, I find myself disappointed that Hawkins wasn’t even in the running for a best actress award as she delivers over and over again in this beautiful biopic.

Black Code – Directed by Canadian filmmaker Nicholas de Pencier, this is a very important film in this day and age. Following multiple different stories, the main thread of the story revolves around the global impact the internet has on free speech, privacy and activism and how many countries use this against its citizens. The most interesting aspect is the story of Midia Ninja, an independent guerilla journalist in Brazil that has had constant battles with the government. This one was a real scary eye opener.

Perfume War – An inspirational and compelling documentary, this film follows Barb Stegemann, a Canadian woman who went on a noble crusade after her good friend was attacked by terrorists in Afghanistan, suffering a horrific brain injury. Stegemann would go on to create The 7 Virtues Beauty Inc., a company that began by sourcing essential oils distilled from crops in Afghanistan to make perfume. A bigger than life character herself, Stegemann’s driven nature runs alongside the story she is telling of woman empowerment across the globe.

At The Twilight Drive-In: This batch of movies I call “It Starts Out Fantastic But The Ending Will Turn Your Stomach”:
8:15 PM The Fate Of The Furious
10:45 PM Get Out
12:45 PM The Great Wall
At The Rio Theatre: It’s a really great full day of movies at the Rio today as everything kicks off with the beauty of Spirited Away at 4 PM. Following that is the sweetheart documentary Kedi about the stray cat population of Istanbul at 6:45 PM. A holdover from its premiere last Saturday, The Void gets another showing at 8:45 PM and then everything finishes off with Eminem’s semi-biographical 8 Mile at 11 PM. That’s a fun full day of film for your eye’s consumption.

Blu-Ray: A surprise hit with me, Hidden Figures, the tearjerker true story, Lion, the locally filmed horribleness of Monster Trucks, the Slender Man inspired The Bye Bye Man, one of my favorite films of last year, Toni Erdmann and the Dakota Fanning western, Brimstone.
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