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Second guess any news you see. This is the world we live in now – where the information you are given on any news media newspaper, news program and internet site must be proven by multiple sources before we can claim it to be true. We live in a world of misinformation, misdirection, click baiting and death hoaxes and now, to further all that madness, we also live in a world of “fake news” and “alternative facts.” It’s all enough to drive anyone crazy when they really put their mind to exactly what’s going on. What we need right now is a man like I.F. Stone, someone who made his name by telling the public of all of the government’s intentions, without holding back but someone that surely would be silenced by the powers that be and quickly at that. Well, this is the subject and focus of the new documentary All Governments Lie from Vancouverite director, Fred Peabody.

Peabody’s documentary is based on the philosophies of the before mentioned Stone, an American journalist who started his own paper, I. F. Stone’s Weekly. This independent newsletter pitted Stone against McCarthyism and racial discrimination in the United States, then took aim at President Lyndon B. Johnson’s account of the Gulf of Tonkin and, in the 60s, the Vietnam War. The stories filling out the documentary follows journalists that still act in the same spirit as Stone. We get a look at Rolling Stone’s Matt Taibbi as he covers the zoo of the 2016 presidential election, John Carlos Frey as he covers an unreported unearthing of over two hundred Mexican bodies just across the American border in Texas and get inside looks at real unbiased and unbought news programs like Democracy Now, Mother Love, The Intercept and The Young Turks. All Governments Lie will pull back that curtain you’ve been afraid to pull because you know there’s cockroaches scurrying around behind it.


This film almost illustrates exactly when the mainstream media started to fail us, denying us the unfiltered truths we need. For those living under the umbrella of getting their news from CNN or, god forbid, Fox News exclusiely, All Governments Lie is a must see and eye opening foray into how we are being decieved by those outlets we should be able to rely on. To paraphrase I.F. Stone himself, when the news agencies start to act in best interests of the government and not the people, the country will begin to crumble. So, how long has this been the reality for us as a global population? For me, I feel like it’s been at least since 2001 that I’ve been of an age to pay attention to the skew but I don’t think I want to get into any conspiracy talk right here in this review.

With no relation to the top subject matter, director Oliver Stone stepped in to produce this movie as well, furthering his crusade to help get more truths out there, which you can see a lot of it in The Untold History Of The United States, now available on Netflix. This is an example of what we need more of, figures with a sizeable amount of clout campaigning to get the truth out to the people who don’t have the resources to do it themselves but what we need more of is people pulling their heads out of the sand and using their voices. Sure, we can read Taibbi’s work on Rolling but we are more drawn to what Lady Gaga is working on or what movies are about to roll camera on, something I am guilty of more often than not. It seems this world is at a fever pitch of ignorance and film like All Governments Lie is a piece of the rally cry that sparks a notion of reform in the media. 4.5/5

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