The League Cast #68 – Attached at the Thyroid

This week Jstebz and The Stevil Dead are joined by Booked co-host and Katie Findlay and her bestie, Kacey Rohl, of Working the Engels and Hannibal.

The ladies tell the story of their first meeting, and how the very start of their friendship is documented in a scene of AMC’s The Killing. Kacey shares what it has been like to work with SCTV alums Andrea Martin and Martin Short, that time she had to strip in front of Jason Priestly, and awkward moments on the set of Hannibal. Katie talks about her upcoming role on the new Shondra Rhimes drama ‘How To Get Away With Murder‘ and backpedaling out of badly worded interview answers.

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The Manchildren’s League Cast is a sometimes very NSFW podcast. We’ve had some great guests like Billy Campbell, Lloyd Kaufman and Max No Sleeves. We’ve talked about lots of gross and nerdy things. We have no filter, you have been warned.