Podcast From Another Place #31 – Beyond Life and Death

This is the penultimate episode of Podcast From Another Place until the new series starts in……. 2017, we think? Stevil, Drex, Dustin and DemiGod Rob guide you through the final episode of the series and Stevil even breaks down, in detail, the final showdown in the Black Lodge with Agent Cooper.

The guys say farewell to Lucy in the first scene and speculate about Ben Horne’s possible future after his altercation with Doc Hayward. Is he going to be in a wheelchair alongside “Wheels” Deschanel? Also, is this a final bow for Audrey Horne? Say it ain’t so!

DemiGod Rob gets question about his medical knowledge again this week and even fields a Bible question. Our panel also asks for your questions and comments before the final Fire Walk With Me episode in two weeks. Message the show right here or on Twitter!

Take the last episodic journey with the Podcast From Another Place! How’s Annie?!?

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