Podcast From Another Place #30 – Miss Twin Peaks

It’s time to crown a Queen and open that door to The Black Lodge! With only one episode left after this one, the guys try to figure out what cliffhangers are coming, what have already been left open and why exactly did Audrey get to skip out so much on the Miss Twin Peaks events?

Dustin and Drex decide to be distracting hype guys as Stevil almost lost his calm, collected composure before the show just trying to get DemiGod Rob’s sparkling voice on the air. Once that’s out-of-the-way, they get down to business before getting distracted again by former Calgary Flames hockey players. Drifting off topic is to be expected, right?

As Fire Walk With Me is now looming, our panel make the final decision on what cut of the film they will be covering for our finale. *SNIFF* It’s only two weeks away…. The new series couldn’t get here fast enough.

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