Podcast From Another Place #29 – The Path to The Black Lodge

The guys are at the episode before the two-part finale of Twin Peaks! All four of our panel members are here as the ground work is laid for our showdown to begin. The Roadhouse is set up for the 20th anniversary of the Miss Twin Peaks pageant and the race looks pretty tight, as each of our guys have a different winner picked in their minds.

The battle of wits between Agent Cooper and his crazed former partner Windom Earle hits a high note, forcing Coop to start playing off book. Is this out of desperation or will it cause Windom to make a mistake. Meanwhile, Audrey Horne has moved on from the lawman and sealed the deal with John Justice Wheeler AKA The BFZ.

Only two more after this one as our episodic time is running out….

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