Flix Anonymous – Episode 1

In collaboration between The League of Manchildren and Vancity Buzz we’re proud to present the first episode of Flix Anonymous, a weekly breakdown of reviews, movie news, new trailers to check out and some of our hosts The Stevil Dead and Trevor Dueck’s recommendations. Check out the show and find us on Facebook and Twitter!

This weeks new films: Spectre, The Peanuts Movie. Miss You Already and Theeb


Flix Anonymous - Episode 2

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The League of Manchildren Podcast Network was born from a fever dream. One man heard a podcast and thought “I can do that”. He rallied his friends who were into stuff and they formed what was to be known throughout history as, The League of Manchildren. Some brandishing encyclopaedic knowledge on Movies, Gaming and Comics, others armed with dick jokes and beatboxing skills, The Manchildren have formed a series of podcasts for you to enjoy. THE MANCHILD STRIKES AGAIN!