Booked #53 – Thor-Machine

Holy crap! After a months long hiatus everybody at Booked is back for a brand new episode! First, Steve explains what happened to the live episode that was being talked about on the previous episode and all the problems there. Then the entire panel, including Jenosaur, Rob Lobster, T-Bot and Katie Findlay catch you up on what they’ve be reading over the extended break. So listen in and welcome the Booked crew back to the podcast world!

Booked - Runaways (2015) #1, Thors #1 and Squadron Sinister #1


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Booked Comic Podcast, Hosted by Steve, Jen, and Rob. The Manchildren’s comic forum, with guests like Michael Avon Oeming, Paul Scheer and’s Ben Morse. With each episode, we serve up our rants and recommendations with a lot of heart. Keep reading those panels, people!